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Alta Badia Ski

Our "picture shop"

In our gallery we show pictures and videos (in process) about Alta Badia as well as of the regions around the Sella Group. Besides we provide some landscape photos around our hometown Mannheim. How you can see the surroundings close Mannheim have beautifully corners also. Ther are no mountains here but there are instead the river Rhine, many lakes and lowland forest around.


The photos of the following pages are arranged in several albums. With a click of the thumbs a new window will appear with a lager sized photo. To set the window in the background just click on it.

Album A1... : Alta Badia, Sella Gruppe, Grödnertal...
Album M1... : Landscapes around Mannheim ...

Interested in photos?

If you are interested in photos send us an e-mail with the photo ID. You will find it in the photodescription [xyz] in the bottomline of each photo. The minimum photo resolution is 1600 * 1200 pixel.

So much for that

Enjoy viewing!

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