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Alta Badia Ski

Sella Ronda - the ride around the Sella Group on ski

Click on the map below to enlarge. The map is presenting the tour completely. Additional you will find Photos and Viedeoclips on different viewpoints.

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Time to start9.30
Time it takes5-6 h
Required skipassDSS
ABS=Alta Badia Skipass
DSS=Dolomiti Superskipass

The Sella Ronda is the most famous skitour in the dolomites. We ride by ski around the Sella Group. Both directons are possible. Here the "original" tour (against clockwise) is described which was the first possible one. We cross 4 passes: the Grödner Joch, the Sella Joch, the Passo Pordoi, the Passo Campolongo.

For that tour you should choose the Saterday if possible. There are no waiting times at the lifts and cableways. Friday is the worst day for that, because a lot of skiergroups are on the way.

From Colfosco* oder Corvara* we are able to enter the Sella Ronda directly. We lift up to the Grödner Joch and take the Dantercepies run down to Wolkenstein in the Val Gardena (Grödner Tal). In the middle of the village we enter the gondola up to the Ciampinoi peak. Over the Plan de Gralba and the stony sea we arrive on the Sella Joch. A small sidetrip brings us on the Col Rodella. Here we have a view down to the valley of Fassa. Now it's time. In one turn we flit down till to the Lupo Bianco (white wolf) hut. In the meanwhile it's noon and time for a small break if you like. The Lupo Bianco is an inviting hut; I think it is a good place to have a break.

We cross the street to the cableway. The area between the street and the gondola is a pool in the summer, the ski-subway is waterproof closed during the winter season. The gondola gets us in the main skiarea of Canazei. A short run and we meet as next a chairlift: wide like a couch, brings us up to the Sass Becč hut. Northern the Passo Pordoi and the Pordoi-Cleft is visible.

Now down on a long run (about 8 km) to Arabba. Short behind the Sass Becč hut it gets really steep. Beginners can pass the first steep part by taking a less steeper passing route beside. We follow the slope till we reach the point where the slope is crossing the pass street. Be carefull here, often is heavy ski traffic here, because a lot of skiers come done from Arabba slopes to take the lift up to the Passo Pordoi we came from.

Just on the other side, our slope continuos in a more or less flat section till Arabba. That's why we schuss(!) that section to reach Arabba whithout stop. Take your ski paralell and go on! So fast as you can, it's an undangerous section. About ten minutes later, we spent in race position , appeares Arabba. Those who have enough power(!) for steep runs and time(!) yet - remember you have to ride some slopes back - can make a sidetrip on top of the Porta Vescovo. Be carefull with the remaining time, calculate one hour for it!

Now unbuckle your Ski. The lifts, bringing us back to Corvara and Colfosco, are situated on the other side of the street. The first one brings us up on the Col Burz. After a short and wide run and with the next chairlift we reach the bear hut. From here there is a great view back to Arabba with the Porto Vescovo and, in the background, the Marmolada .

Then it goes on with the next run to the liftstation short behind the Campologno pass. A chairlift transports us up to the Crep de Munt on the direct run to Corvara. As variant you can take the forest run in order to passing the first steeper part of the mainrun if you like. The variant meets the mainrun in the middle again. Down in Corvara the link to Colfosco is "waiting" to lift us back for apres ski! The Sella Ronda is mastered! What a pity!

*NOTE: Also from the villages La Villa, Pedraces, S. Cassiano und La Val you can reach the Sella Ronda. From Pedraces we recommend to take the local Bus, from La Val the car or skibus is a must. Entrypoint: Corvara, chairlift to Colfosco at the valley station cabelway Boe (car parking).

Numerical data of the Sella Ronda

  Relief variation Length
Lifts 3739 m 16,2 km
Runs 3739 m 21,2 km
Total 7478 m 37,4 km


Colfosco - Grödner Joch - Wolkenstein - Ciampinoi - Sella Joch - Lupo Bianco - Passo Pordoi - Arabba - Passo Campologno - Crep de Mont - Corvara - Colfosco

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