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Alta Badia Ski

Pilgrim to Santa Croce

Click on the map below to enlarge. The map is presenting the tour completely. Additional you will find Photos and Viedeoclips on different viewpoints.

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Time to start9.30
Time it takes4-5 h
Required skipassABS
ABS=Alta Badia Skipass
DSS=Dolomiti Superskipass

That tour is a little bit out of the way of the skicircus. Beside the landscape it is distinguished by three outstanding slopes.

Before you can go on with real skiing we have to "master" some lifts und short runs till we arrive on top of the Piz la Villa. From Colfosco we take the lift-link to Corvara and then we go ahead on top auf the Col Alto. Our first "slope". After the first 50m - to pass that first steep part, there is beside a less steep variant also - turn sharp left to the chair lift "Braia Fraida" who ist lifting us to the hut "La Brancia". Here leave the lift to the right(!) und follow the blue slope down to the next chair lift, the "Pre dai Corf". On it's end we turn left and are now - final - on our first real run today.

The first part we ride schuss to pass the following flat part till we meet the black run, the FIS run "Gran Risa", coming down from the right! We cross it to the other side where our red run continuous. It is really a highlight: wide, well groomed and varied. Tip: Ride on the left edge if you can. It's most time the best line.

At the end you ride over a small bridge over the Gaderbrook. Turn sharp left to the lift-link! In case you pass the curve simple ride up the small hill opposite. You will come down from allone

We leave the lift to the right on ski till the mainstreet of La Villa. Here we unbuckle our ski and walking to the small skiarea of La Villa on the opposite. Ten minutes later we come to the shortest 4 chair-lift worldwide. After it and the following chair lift "Gardenazza" we reach the beginning of the slope to Pedraces.

That medium slope is a pearl: Most times less, somtimes no traffic, moulded very well and because it's faced to the north the snow is having a good grip! Go on! Down, the lift link to Pedraces is rotating and awaiting us to swing us over the Garderbrook to Pedraces.

Now in Pedraces we lift up to the "Rifugio Nagler", passing very old farms. With the next lift we reach the tour target: "Santa Croce". The old Hospiz with its chapel is a little bit above. Climb up for sightseeing. You have a wonderfull view to the mountains arround and as well, have a look to the chapel! Tip: Take your ski with you. From the top you can enter the slope directly!

Now we are on the slope to pedraces. In case you didn't a break in the Hospiz may be the Rifugio Nagler, or opposite the Rifugio Lee is the right place for a break. Both offer typical fine rustically meals. There are Kaiserschmarren, Tagliatelle, Knödelsuppe, Apfelstrudel and... You will like it! Don't doze off in the sun! Latest 2 o'clock p.m. you should be on the way back. Remember there are waiting some slopes for you yet!

Before us the long slope to Pedraces. Because the run ist faced to the south-west, so on sunny days (I hope you have one) the snow is often soggy. It doesn't matter, also that run has a very moulded profil and less traffic. Short before the end keep left to the link lift back to La Villa.

Now, you know the way back by yourself. A last tip to reach the gondola in La Villa: Short of the end on the slope down to La Villa, in height of the end of our "shortest chair lift of today" there is a catwalk above La Villa you can use by ski to reach the gondola terminal easier!

A fine and relaxed skiday draw to a close.


Colfosco - Corvara - Col Alto - Piz la Villa - La Villa - Pedraces - Santa Croce

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