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Alta Badia Ski

Carving inside the ski round about

Click on the map below to enlarge. The map is presenting the tour completely. Additional you will find Photos and Viedeoclips on different viewpoints.

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Time to start10.00
Time it takes5 h
Required skipassABS
ABS=Alta Badia Skipass
DSS=Dolomiti Superskipass

Framed by the Passo Campolongo, Corvara, S. Cassiano und Armentarola there is a light wooded ridge with wide alpmeadows. The area is criscross marched through by lifts and offers a lot of easy runs. The highest peaks are the "Piz La Ila" with 2076 m next La Villa and the "Biok" with 2070 m inside the skiarea.

From Corvara we take the gondola on top of the "Crep de Munt". We turn left and pass the "mousetrap". Because of the lot of traffic, that 50 m section along the rock is the most time stopped up, so we have to "slalom" the other skiers we meet here - if we can. Passed that passage we have mastered the "most diffcult" part for today!

Now we ride straight away till to the "Crep de Munt" hut. No, we don't make a first break here but we follow the slope about 300 m and turn sharp right in the forest-run. On the end we cross the street and come to the chairlift "Pralongia".

Here the "Round About II" is beginning. If you follow the letter marks on the tourmap (see right) you do every slope one time. After the last one (E) it goes with a near 2 km long chair-lift up to the Pralongia. That chair-lift is named "Little Siberia" by some of us. On cold and windy days you will experience the meaning!

More flat (green colored) than steep an about 4 km slope follows: The "Obsalat Run" beginning behind the Pralongia hut. Short before S. Cassiano we leave the main-run and turn sharp right on the run down to the Hotel Armentarola.

They offer their famous but in the meanwhile rather expensive Obstsalat (=fruitsalad) based on a traditional old familiy recipe, wich consist of a minimum of 20 different kinds of fruits - you can enhance it with cream and icecream I feel good. That's why we call this tour the "Obstsalat-tour" and the run itself the "Obstsalat-run".

After that break we walk back from the hotel to the drag lift. Above we keep right and take the link to the main run to S. Cassiano. In the middle of the link is comming a short steep part. Ride it in schuss to have enough speed for the following flat piece till you are on the main-run again. It's a little bit narrow here.

Now we have S. Cassiano before us. The run is ending directly at to the new (2004/2005) gondola to the top of Piz Sorega. We go ahed with the right slope direction La Villa. The next chairlift brings us on top of the "Piz La Ila". It's up to us to take the black or the red down to La Villa. The runs are crossing themselves in the above section so you can turn to the red one here. The steep part of the black one is about 200 m only, but there is often a lot of traffic.

May be some want to ride the men's FIS giant slalom run - named Gran Risa - and the others the red one. It doesn't matter, we will meet our teammate(s) at the gondola in La Villa again!

From La Villa it goes on by the Gondela on the top of the "Piz la Ila" again. Straight away and two lifts and runs later we have arrived the Biok hut. Now it comes a long run down till to Corvara passing the huts "La Baita" and "Negerhütte". May be the last one is a place to sit down for a small "after work party" and talk about the day.

After all

Picnic tip: Inside the round about there are a lot of haystacks on the slope edge or near the slopes where you can have a rest. So it's worth to take a rucksack with snacks and drinks with you.

La Villa or La Ila? Both is correct. La Ila is the Ladin name of La Villa.

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