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Alta Badia Ski

The Val Mezdi - the off piste for specialist only

Click on the map below to enlarge. The map is presenting the tour completely. Additional you will find Photos and Viedeoclips on different viewpoints.

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Time to start9.0
Time it takes7 h
Required skipassDSS
ABS=Alta Badia Skipass
DSS=Dolomiti Superskipass

Attention: The free ride "Val Mezdi" is for skiexperts with a good fitness as well as experience in high alpine area only. Don't go alone on that tour!

Tip: The Alpin-School Gröden, who made some Photo's available for that tour, offers guided Skitours.

Before starting inform yourself about the current snow conditions, danger of avalanches and the weather forecast by the ski school or tourist office!

The Val Mezdi intersects the Sella Group from nearly north to south and presents a great panorma. Like in Cortina some sequences of the movie "Cliffhanger" with Silvester Stallone have been taken here.

The Val Mezdi gets passed through from south to north. You should arrange your time in that way that you enter the Val Mezdi about noon. With the sun in the back you have a phantastic view through the valley till down to the tiny Colfosco.

On the way to the Val Mezdi, from Colfosco we follow the Sella Ronda clockwise direction Arabba and further to the Passo Pordoi. Here we leave the Sella Ronda and take the cableway up to the Sass Pordoi. From the Sass Pordoi it takes about 1 hour to reach the Val Mezdi.

Till to the Rifugio Forcelles Pordoi we can skiing, but from that point the ground is flat till slight sloping so we have to walk by ski and sometimes later to climb up a short slope. You will be happy if you have ski with coats with you, but it's not necessary. In each case it's a good warm up für the coming off piste.

Once on top, we buckle up the ski and ride downwards to the Rifugio Boe. We have finally reached the start of the Val Mezdi!

Now it comes the first, difficult and most steep part. Gustl Baur, a visitor of this pages has once descriped that part: "If two, same tall skiers stand side by side in a distance of 20 cm, the head of the under one is in hipheight of the above one".

Have we mastered the first part we follow the valley along the right side till the end. Here is waiting another hard work for us and our fitness will be call for again: the run becomes steep and small again. We make two or three curves and have to look how we can go around the next rock. But then we have mastered the high alpine Val Mezdi free ride.

The last easy part leads on a catwalk through the forest and meadows down to Colfosco.

Ground data of the Val Mezdi free ride

Longness free ride 3 400 m
Relief variation 1 100 m
Maximum fall ~ 110%
Avarage fall ~ 34%


Colfosco - Corvara - Arabba - Passo Pordoi - Val Mezdi - Colfosco

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