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Alta Badia Ski

Nine recommended skitours

9 skitours in Alta Badia and in the neighbour valleys get presented here. Also included is the most famous skitour in the Alpes: the Sella Ronda.

For every tour a small description is provided as well as a skimap showing the skiroute. Along the skiway you will find marks with a link behind showing you the picture of the current position; at time around 80 one. Some videoclips are plant for the future also.

The beginning of the description of all tours is Colfosco the village we normally stay, but you can enter all the tours just as well from all other locations.

Not enough yet? Go ahead...

The “Mountain Infantry Tour”, the “Gebirgsjägertour” (⇒ History): Former named as the “Skitour of the 1. Worldwar”, consists of 3 sections:

  1. Marmolada
    from Malga Ciapela by skibus to Alleghe
  2. Civetta
    from Pescul by skibus to Rifugio Fedare
  3. Cortina (Cinque Torri)/Lagazoui/Alta Badia
    from Bai des Dones by skibus to Passo Falzarego

Except for the Civetta region all tourinformationen are available at the described skitours. You can ride the Gebirgsjägertour in both directions.

The length is about 90 km, proportinate 40% are slopes, 24% lifts and 36% skibus use. That medium tour is loooong, that is why you have to take the first lift in the morning and then go on riding, riding, riding...
⇒ Skimap

Before starting inform yourself at tourist- or skipassoffice whether the route is open in all parts!

Other skireas nearby Alta Badia - One day trips by car

Go Kronplatz
The ski region Kronplatz is about 45 min by car away from Alta Badia. You drive to "Sankt Vigil in Enneberg" to the parking at the terminal directly. Good skiers are able to ride all slopes in one day. The center of the slopes is situated on the top of the Kronplatz (Plan de Corones).
⇒ Skimap (Flash)

Go Ski Civetta
The ski region Civetta is in part a component of the Gebirgsjägertour above. It is a worthwhile target about 1 hour driving time away. The beautifull area with well groomed slopes is easy till medium. The driving target ist the parking area in Pescul you reach via Arabba -›› Caprile -›› Selva di Cadore. Inside the ski area is enthroned the most photographed mountain of the dolomites, the Mt. Pelmo.
⇒ Skimap (PDF)

Go Cortina d’Ampezzo
Then there is the ski area Cortina d’Ampezzo former a upper class location and the event location of the olypic winter games in 1956, the first games broadcasted on the television. Also one of the "Pink Panther" movies with the actors David Niven and Peter Sellers was filmed here. And not to forget the James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only" with Roger Moore was shot here in same scenes. Willy Bogner, a german cameraman, has taken the unforgettable wild ski chase inside the bob run.

But all that is long ago, as well as the year of manufacture most of the lifts and cable cars. I guess in Cortina d’Ampezzo you find - till today - the oldest lift installations in the dolomites skiarea.

It takes you about 45 minutes by car up from Alta Badia. Follow the route over the Passo Falzarego till the parking area Pocol (Link to Google Maps). Here you can enter the westpart of the ski area with the Tofane run and the ladies world cup run!
⇒ Skimap (Flash)

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